Ambulatory Infusion Services

MedChoice Infusion provides comprehensive infusion management services to establish and manage successful and profitable Ambulatory Infusion Centers (AIC). MedChoice Infusion partners with specialty physician groups and multispecialty clinics to develop and manage a successful Office Infusion Center (OIC). Integrating an OIC within a practice will allow our partner physicians to provide direct infusion therapy services and create a new revenue stream.

Our team of highly qualified experts consists of doctors, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, revenue cycle managers, and medical assistants offering decades of experience and deliver the safest and most professional services possible.

Office Infusion Center Services

Practice Evaluation, Feasibility & Planning
Drug Inventory, Infusion Equipment & Setup
Revenue Cycle Management.
Skilled Infusion Nurse & Support Staff
Office Infusion Software & Technology

Benefits of Office Infusion Center

  • 1
    Value-Added & Expanded Service Offerings to Patients
  • 2
    New Source of Revenue with Strong Cash Flow & Profitability
  • 3
    Decreased Barrier to Care with Increased Patient Oversight
  • 4
    Greater control of the Treatment Process with Better Monitoring of Patient Progress
  • 5
    Increased Medication Compliance & Greater Potential for Optimal Outcomes
  • 6
    Efficient Time Management by Eliminating Non-Billable Time Devoted to Infusion Patient Management
  • 7
    Increased Patient – Provider Convenience & Therapy Management
  • 8
    Closer Relationship with patients and Increased Health Education
  • 9
    Reduced Patient Cost and Financial Responsibilities
  • 10
    Low Risk with Low Overhead by Partnering with Infusion Management Company