Remote Patient Monitoring

MedChoiceRPM is a division of MedChoice Group as a service provider for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) programs. MedChoiceRPM’s all-in-one platform combined with an experienced call center and patient compliance team provides a turnkey solution to physician groups, hospitals, payers, and other healthcare entities.


Benefits of RPM & CCM

New source of Revenue

Average of $120/patient/month reimbursement

Increased Patient Engagement

RPM devices allow patients to play an important role in managing and understanding their own health conditions

Improve Quality of Care

RPM / CCM provides access to more relevant patient data resulting in better overall quality and value-based care

Reduced Hospital Readmissions and ER Visits

RPM / CCM studies show more than 40% reduction in hospital readmissions among senior citizens.

Ambulatory Infusion Services

Common Chronic Conditions qualified for Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring:




Heart Disease

Kidney Disease

Liver Disease


Alzheimer’s Disease